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Enhancing Home Efficiency Through Green Renovations

Cozy Cat Wrapped With Blanket

There has been a push in recent years to make our homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With everyone pitching in to reduce their energy and carbon footprints, scientists suggest that damaging CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases can also be reduced through green renovations to reverse damaging effects on the environment.


5 Priority Outdoor Renovations When Selling a Home

Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an extremely stressful experience. Not only are you parting ways with a loved abode, somewhere that you’ve perhaps raised your family, you’re also getting ready for a massive financial transaction. You obviously want to ensure that you’re getting the highest price for your property, so you have the funds to either upgrade or downsize and pocket the difference.


Renovating and Remodeling: What’s the Difference?

Renovating and Remodeling

When it comes to home improvement, undertaking a full-scale remodel has never been more popular. As land transfer taxes (LTT) make it incredibly expensive to move in Canada, many homeowners are instead choosing to convert their current property into their dream home. While it used to be more common to do some smaller-scale renovations — the kitchen, the bathroom, maybe some flooring — it’s now typical to gut a place to the studs and builds it back up from scratch to get exactly the kind of fixtures, flooring, and layout that you want.

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Ice on Windows: Causes and Solutions

Ice on Windows Problem Solved

Ice on windows is a common problem during the colder time of the year. If there’s one thing you can count on during the winter months in most of Canada is that it’s going to be cold and snowy. With a good portion of the huge country vulnerable to arctic blasts from the North Pole from early November to late April, Canada is considered one of the coldest countries on Earth.


Handling a Renovation When You Have Kids

renovation with kids

Searching for your dream home in a hot housing market? Looking at skyrocketing sold house prices in Toronto or other major cities would make any perspective buyer a little nervous – and those looking for a family home, with specific needs for kids and parents alike, are likely to feel the pressure the most.


4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Renovations

save money on renovations

Trying to get top dollar on your home sale?

If you are looking to make your home listing more competitive against other properties in a hot real estate market a renovation could be an easy solution. A renovation can transform your home, but the costs of paying contractors and buying building materials can really add up.


Freshen Up Your Entryway: Your Guide to Revamping Your Stairs

Revamped staircase

As time goes by, the elements of your home will require maintenance and sooner or later a complete overhaul. Any home renovation project if not approached practically can turn into a budget draining machine. Revamping of your stairs or their complete reconstruction is one of them. Let’s tackle your reno project skillfully to meet your expectations.

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Conscious Living Evolves Real Estate Market

Conscious Living Real Estate

The Earth is in trouble.

For years we’ve been hearing about climate change and the negative impact it’s having on the planet we all call home. While scientists work tirelessly to find other places in the universe that can sustain life as well as a way for us to get there, it’s becoming pretty clear that our best hope is to preserve what we already have and look for eco-conscious options.

Debbie Dey

How To Choose Between A New And Older Home

New Home vs Old Home

Life is stressful.

Change of any kind seems to be the biggest culprit. Even if you’re an adventure seeker, changes related to relationships (as in divorce or breakup), death of a loved one, and moving are among the Top 3 stressors.