Fascinating Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

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Watching kids read in today’s world full of digital distractions, takes my breath away. I never loved reading up until recent years, when a good read in an enjoyable and undistracted setting became a necessity.

To promote good reading habits in their children every parent will do anything possible to minimize distractions and let them enjoy a good story. If you are looking for inspiring reading nook ideas for kids, then let’s check out a selection of some fascinating reading nook concepts for kids from all over the world.

The outcome of your designated reading space improvement project won’t necessarily depend only on the size of your budget. If you are ready to put in time and energy, you won’t have to break the bank. Even a little bit of your effort can create an auspicious environment for reading.

Let it Shine

To promote a healthy indoor environment every kid’s room needs a proper amount of natural light coming in. Numerous scientific studies show that natural light has a significant impact on our mental, physical health and academic performance. Based on the extended analysis of the European investigative surveys, experts discovered that in most cases students who study in classrooms with larger windows facing south perform better on logic and mathematical tests.

There are several ways to improve your child’s wellbeing by bringing more natural light into the room. Examine your options according to your budget and the type of your home to see what will make more sense. Perhaps replacing that old window or making it bigger will offer the best results. See if adding a skylight or a couple of solar tubes fits your requirements. When it comes to your child’s mental and physical health such an improvement will be worth the investment.

Simple Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

Along with a brand new room, a minimalistic lifestyle can bring many other benefits such as enhanced focus and improved organizational skills. Most of the following projects take anywhere from $50 to $500 to complete depending on complexity, the number of tools and materials involved – except for the very last one on the list 😉 Making a simple yet comfy reading space by using repurposed cushions and furniture, adventurous DIYers will have more financial advantages than parents looking for ready-to-go solutions.

Let your imagination lead the way.

Cushions & Bean Bag Reading Nooks

Pick a spot where you want to place repurposed cushions, an oversized pillow or a comfy bean bag for your young reader. Make one of the walls stand out by painting with a contrasting colour, or simply add a texture. If you don’t mind spending a little extra time on the project, then add a few bookshelves around the reading area. Look for appealing wall decals by browsing through one of your local home improvement stores. For more encouraging decal ideas, check online on Etsy and Amazon. The nice thing about the simplified setup is that you can involve your children. Working on home projects together improves family bonding, teaches youngsters new skills, boosts creativity and confidence in their own abilities.

simple reading nook ideas for kids

bean bag reading nook ideas for kids

Canopy and Tent Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

Tents, canopies, and teepees work great for novice readers ages 6 and under. It’s a favourable multipurpose addition to every child’s room that serves as a hideout for role-playing as well as reading space.

canopy kids reading nook
Photo courtesy of etsy.com/ca/shop/AylinkaShop

canopy reading nook for kids

tent reading nook for kids

Papasans Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

A Papasan chair, also known as bowl chair, came to North America around the 1950’s from Asia. Apparently, it was and still is common in the Philippines and Japan. Today every book lover from all over the world can’t resist a comfy Papasan chair. I know I can’t.

comfortable papasan reading chair
Photo courtesy of homedit.com
bunk beds kids room papasan chair
Photo courtesy of homedit.com

Window Reading Nooks For Kids

Creative Design Reading Nooks For Kids

Transform an old unused fireplace in your living room into a reading space for your children. Prioritizing precious moments with your kids over personal extra comfort will help to bring your family together again and again. This is another worthwhile family activity to spark fruitful discussions and adopt rewarding habits. I’m absolutely in agreement with Emily Henson on this, our children’s warm memories are very important.

fireplace reading nook for kids
Photo courtesy of Emily Henson, London-based interior stylist
DIY wooden reading Nook
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Smith – AtCharlottesHouse.com
charlottes diy reading nook for kids
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Smith – AtCharlottesHouse.com
wooden diy reading nook
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Smith – AtCharlottesHouse.com

“Problems are always the best inspiration.” Ignited by everyday challenges, an Italian couple Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari from Milan built their creative studio, Nobody & Co., and dedicated themselves to designing unique home items like Bibliochaise.

bookshelf reading chair

Here’s what happens when daring DIYers armed with tools and building materials adopt the bookshelf design. There are no limitations to creativity and everyone is welcome to come up with his or her own modifications. Personally, I like rounded shapes. Softly rounded chair corners are safer for the whole family.

diy bookshelf reading chair
Photo courtesy of Lee K
diy bookshelf reading chair with drawer
Photo courtesy of Mart Lehtmets

Feeling adventurous already? So, what are you waiting for?
Go for it!

Join the army of DIYers and try to build your own bookshelf chair by following this step-by-step blueprint by Darko K. You are free to make your own modifications to add your own unique ideas to your creation.

blue diy bookshelf chair
Photo courtesy of Darko K

This one-of-a-kind bookshelf chair called “Sunflower Chair,” was designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science. This fascinating model won the Redtory Design Award of the fifth “Design for Sitting” Grand Prix Exhibition.

sunflower chair with book shelves
Sunflower Chair designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian

This UK-based, creative company specializes in library furniture and came up with this futuristic design or the reading chair for kids. Will you dare to tackle this DIY project to create this brilliant idea?

futuristic reading chair for kids
Photo courtesy of Opening the Book
futuristic reading nook
Photo courtesy of Opening the Book

If you feel a little handy, combine elements in one playing area.

wooden nook
Photo courtesy of bitmellow.com
kids reading nook idea
Photo courtesy of natocadesign.com.br

Unused space by the window can become an awesome cozy reading nook for all ages. In our future posts, we’ll collect fascinating reading nook ideas for the whole family.

reading nook by the window

Reding Nook Ideas For ‘Tweens’ and Teens

When my kid’s reading level evidently improved, not only the reading spectrum became broader but his reading space preferences. Often times I’d notice his craving for bigger windows and cozy window seats. Can’t blame him for it.

One of the most amazing designs for kids’ rooms I’ve ever seen is built by Steve Kuhl from Minnesota. Enjoy the intricate details of this massively epic project.

pirate ship reading nook idea for kids

pirate ship reading nook idea

kids reading nook

DIY kids reading nook

DIY kids reading nook

DIY kids reading nook

As a parent myself, to make the best out of your reading nook idea, I recommend starting with the most important things – listening and observing your child’s preferences. Unleash your imagination and creativity, and get ready to have fun.

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