30+ Real Examples of Inspiring Red Kitchens

Chef In Red Kitchen

Is red one of your favorite colours? I can understand why—it’s bold, exciting and fun If you ever thought of adding red to your kitchen, but have been afraid to take the leap, I’ve prepared 30 real-life examples that will inspire you to do so.

The stereotypical and common view of red is that it’s the colour of fire and blood. This led to a misconception that it’s only associated with war and danger. But I think it is all in people’s heads – when I think of the colour red, I think of love, desire, determination and passion. How different it is? Let me show you why.

The Key is in Combination

The key is what you surround it with and the other colour combinations you use to complement the red hues. I will talk about it in detail in future blogs, but you’ll notice the basic concept of it even as you look around: red and black is less “positive” than red and white. Here are some real red kitchen examples that demonstrate colour combinations.

Red Kitchen Walls

This is probably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add red colour to your kitchen. This will only require you to buy a small amount of paint, but you’ll be amazed at how big the rewards are with if you have a little patience with masking and preparation.

Advice from me: unless you have calculated and envisioned everything, don’t make all walls red – choose one and make it an accent wall. In this case, less is more.

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Red Kitchen Backsplash

I have just talked about adding a red accent wall above, and adding a red backsplash is another great option. Install it on the sink wall  for a bigger impact.

Advice from me: make sure  your chosen red colour is compatible with the surrounding kitchen components like cabinets and countertops. It is crucial.

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Red Kitchen Cabinets

We are getting a little more extreme now – an upgrade of kitchen cabinets is a big investment, and you’ll surely want to measure (colour) twice and cut (invest) once. This can easily impact your home value,  and unlike red walls, you won’t be able to change them that easily. But when done correctly, this could quickly become a focal point of your home that will have your guests ooing and ahhing.

An advice from me: be sure to check how your red cabinets blend with the colour of your floor and walls.


Red Kitchen Countertops

This is a very popular concept in Italian kitchen interiors – it can be added in combination with a backsplash, walls or as a solo accent element.  Similar to the countertops, this can be a costly mistake if done incorrectly, so be sure  give it careful consideration before making a decision.

An advice from me: be sure to check how it works with everything that surrounds it: walls, cabinets and backsplashes.


Red Kitchen Accessories & Appliances

No need to feel old-fashioned, red accessories and appliances aren’t just the signature of 60-70s. You will find that many producers are following this retro trend and are creating new and improved red collections. An extra perk? Your grandma will love it too!

An advice from me: balance, balance and balance. Don’t forget that  you’re only adding small accents with this. Add too much red into your kitchen and you’re entering into the red danger zone.



Bonus: All-Red Kitchen for Extreme Lovers

Final Notes

Red can fit any kitchen: from cozy country style to luxurious and high-tech. But remember, the key to success – the colour combination. By carefully blending red with other contrasting shades, your guests will know that the most important room of your home exhibits all the best characteristics—love, desire, determination and passion.