5 Priority Outdoor Renovations When Selling a Home

Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an extremely stressful experience. Not only are you parting ways with a loved abode, somewhere that you’ve perhaps raised your family, you’re also getting ready for a massive financial transaction. You obviously want to ensure that you’re getting the highest price for your property, so you have the funds to either upgrade or downsize and pocket the difference.

But it can be hard to see your place with fresh eyes. Things that you’ve gotten used to over the years are likely to be things that may turn off buyers. Luckily, most of these things come with easy fixes. Let’s start with the exterior of your property.

The outside of your home is the first thing that buyers see as they drive up — and you know what they say — first impressions count. It may be worthwhile for you to tackle these renovations on your own before you even put your house on the market. Spend a few dollars repairing and updating before, and it’s likely to pay dividends for you later on.

Zoocasa has focused on five priority outdoor areas that can use a refresh before you sell your home.

Repaving old or cracked driveways and walkways

Nothing makes a home look shabbier then cracked driveways and walkways. Because it’s pretty much inevitable that this will happen in Canada, thanks to our cold winters, it simply requires some attention every few years. Buyers don’t want to worry about tripping on a loose step when walking up to view your property, or having rain pool in cracks on the driveway. The price to fix this varies widely, depending on how bad the issue is and what materials you want to use. If you plan on hiring a contractor to make the repairs, be sure to get at least three quotes to compare before proceeding.

Ensuring lawns and gardens are in top-notch shape

curb appeal

You want your lawns and gardens to be pretty – but you don’t have to go overboard here, as homebuyers can actually be turned off of high-maintenance gardens. As a starting point, ensure there are no weeds, the grass is cut, and everything looks very neat and tidy. Add a few potted plants around the front doors and the back deck for a relatively cheap and cheerful upgrade.

Invest in an outdoor staging

outdoor staging

Home staging achieves a specific goal: painting a picture for prospective buyers. It allows them to see the space as theirs, instead of yours. For this reason, you may want to consider staging not just the interior, but also the outdoor areas, especially the backyard. You need to show them the possibilities — can they hook up a barbeque? Can they hang out with friends and lounge around on a patio? Can they plant a garden easily? Remove any rusted or broken patio furniture and other odds and ends and replace it with neutral, sleek pieces. These can even be rented from a professional staging company, the cost of which could even be covered by your listing agent – you should ask if this is a possibility!

Update the front door

update front door

A quick, bright paint job on the front door plus an updated lock (maybe one of the fancy keypad ones) really does a lot to imply that the home is taken care of and safe. If the front door is in really bad condition you may want to consider getting a new one altogether. As well, ensure any screens are hole-free and that all hinges are well-oiled.

Look into window treatment repairs

new window treatments

There are so many options for window treatments these days and therefore no excuse for broken, dusty or fusty looking ones. Whether you decide on blinds, roller shades or shutters, it really adds to the overall look of the place to have clean, modern window treatments. Fix any cracked binds, broken valence clips and shutter staples immediately.

By focusing on these five areas you’ll be able to spruce up your exterior space and will be ready to put your property on the MLS in no time.

The list of exterior home renovations while selling your home is provided by Zoocasa’s editorial team. Looking houses for sale in Hamilton? Download Zoocasa free iOS app to view Ontario real estate at zoocasa.com – advanced online search tools for successful real estate decisions.